Howdy, I'm Matthew! Data Scientist and Developer.

I'm passionate about using data and code to solve problems and implementing those solutions. Or just tinkering with code for fun! Here you'll find some of my fun creations that hopefully inspire you to roll up your sleeves and code your own creation!

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Hello there!

I'm Matthew, data scientist and developer.

Hi, my name is Matthew. I’m a data scientist in Upstate New York. For over 10 years I have been designing and implementing data science solutions in the healthcare industry. Throughout my career I have been responsible for rapid prototyping new solutions for clients, building predictive models to support business functions and implementing those solutions. Currently I manage a team of data scientists where I have been responsible for delivering on our product portfolio and providing professional development to junior members of the team.

I'm also the creator of Bits 2 Bites, the easiest way to generate a grocery list from your cookbooks. Bits 2 Bites is a Facebook Messenger bot where users can send an image of their recipe and receive a grocery list of the ingredients they need. No more manually creating grocery lists!

I'm a lifelong learner always looking to expand my skills. You can check out any of the social channels below to follow along with my progress as I share some of my work. Every Tuesday I go live on Twitch for live coding and provide updates about what I've learned in the past week!

Matthew Vielkind

Manager, Healthcare Analytics at CDPHP

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