Howdy, I'm Matthew!

I'm a data scientist and Python developer. I love finding ways data and code can help solve problems. I've worked as a data scientist in the healthcare industry for over 10 years building solutions to support a variety of initiatives. In addition, I tinker with code to build solutions for all those moments where I think to myself, "this should be easier". Inspiration can come from anywhere! I'm interested in chatbots, machine learning, NLP, and AWS.

Below is a sampling of projects I've worked on recently with links to code and live demos. I also write on DEV, so check me out there too!

Have a Phenomenal Day!

Recent Projects

Bits 2 Bites: Combines two of my passions coding and cooking. Bits 2 Bites is a Virtual Sous Chef helping you create grocery lists from recipe images and providing basic cooking advice without any of the filler!

This project is built with a number of technologies. Twilio Autopilot manages the conversation flow with end users. User requests are processed by AWS Lambda functions. The project utilizes OCR, NLP (spaCy), text classification models, and ElasticSearch as a part of handling different user requests.

Right now the bot will convert an image of a recipe into a grocery list you can actually use. If you have a cookbook you don't have to write your ingredient list by hand, all you have to do is snap a picture, send it to the bot and in seconds the algorithm will provide a grocery list you can use. The bot also provides quick cooking tips for some basic cooking activities. No stories to read, just the content you requested!

Much more will be added, so go check it out and try it yourself!

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New York Vaccine Availability App: To make finding vaccine appointments easier I built an app to search for where appointments are available given a user's location in New York. Instead of manually checking a dozen different websites the app consolidated them into a single view in a single click so user's could quickly access providers where appointments were available.

Several AWS Lambda functions were created to regularly ping vaccine providers for available appointments across New York State. Appointment data was updated every 15 minutes and stored in an Elasticsearch database. A Streamlit application was built to display the information to the user in a succinct manner.

Project Website

Mimosa: A restaurant waitlist manager built with Trello and Twilio! I built this project entirely on a livestream that leverages the Trello and Twilio APIs to create a waitlist management service for a restaurant.

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Digital Photo Frame SMS Service: A texting service for friends and family to automatically upload photos to a collection of digital photo frames! By leveraging patterns people are familiar with the sharing is easier and people are more likely to participate. In this blog post I explain how you can build your own service for your friends and family to share photos directly to digital photo frames easily by making your own SMS service.


AWS Rekognition and Celebrity Selfies: Learning AWS Rekognition by working with celebrity selfies.


Twilio Fit your SMS Personal Trainer: Your next workout is just a text message away! Build your own SMS personal trainer to keep your workouts fun and varied!

Go over to the Twilio Blog to go get fit with your own SMS personal trainer!


Being Proactive in Population Health: A Cloud-Based Solution to Identifying Tomorrow's High-Need Patients Talk given at Predictive Analytics World about building a cloud-based framework for population health management to anticipate member needs to be proactive in providing care.